Your Critical Infrastructure and where Telstra Purple can help

John Powell

Principal Security Consultant


It’s likely you’ve heard about legislated changes to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 (SOCI Act), a significant piece of security legislation that will apply to eleven ‘critical infrastructure’ sectors in Australia. 

If you are in any doubt about whether the new legislation applies to you, I urge you to read my previous article: Be prepared for critical infrastructure reforms (

It cannot be understated that the accountability for cyber security rests with the board. Accountability cannot be delegated. Directors are becoming increasingly aware that if they operate in a critical infrastructure sector they need to have a risk management plan that includes cyber. That’s the bare minimum. 

Beyond that, our customers are asking:

  • What exactly are the compliance requirements?
  • What are the new reporting obligations?
  • What if our current internal team is already at capacity?
  • Our IT Manager and IT Team don’t possess all the necessary cyber skillsets. How can we uplift our posture to achieve this?

Telstra has built a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions, trusted by thousands of organisations across Australia. Telstra Purple is the services delivery division of Telstra and cybersecurity is a key pillar of our service catalogue. Within the cybersecurity space we have focused areas of governance, technology and assurance. Indeed, cybersecurity governance advisors can supplement the cyber skills of your board and IT teams to provide an immediate solution to a cybersecurity skillsets shortage.

It is also worth noting that Telstra Purple has recently launched three assessments that can help organisations with their security requirements:

  • Incident Response Readiness Assessment - gives you the ability to reappraise your response to a security incident across the entire organisation in order to meet your security, governance, privacy and compliance requirements.
  • Essential Eight Assessment - helps you baseline and achieve a clear understanding of your Essential Eight maturity levels. Our experienced security professionals will assess and recommend a tailored roadmap to adhere to and boost your maturity levels under the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) Essential Eight framework.
  • Cloud Security Assessment - gives you the chance to review and stress test your current cloud procedures and processes, specifically across your AWS and Azure environments.

If you’d like to learn more about these new Telstra Purple offers, please visit: Cyber Security Services - Telstra Purple 

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