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State of Cloud, Edge, and Security in Australia 2023-24 Report

Learn how Australian businesses are securely leveraging cloud and edge to power their digital transformation and innovation journeys.

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Vlad Ogranovich

Incident Response at Scale: Considerations

In the realm of Cyber Incident Response (IR) at scale, it can be beneficial to break down IR-related challenges into categories aligned with the various stages and tasks involved

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Jo Joannou

Enabling a truly hybrid work experience with local work hubs

There has been significant debate on the best approach to balance in-office collaboration while also supporting employee preferences to work flexibly in the way that they work best.

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John Powell

Don’t let security constrain your cloud innovation

Learn how a well thought-out cloud security strategy can drive innovation, not hinder it. Mitigate the threat to the hybrid cloud with these actions to improve your security posture. Don't let security concerns inhibit your business growth.

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The top five IoT trends at Ozwater

Peter Reid and Michael Huynh

Why hybrid cloud holds the key to removing public cloud migration roadblocks

Hybrid cloud solutions offer flexibility, scalability and security for enterprises considering public cloud migration, removing key adoption barriers.

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John Powell

When it comes to the complexity of cyber security, keep it simple

Communicating cyber security in simple language is vital for board members to understand risk exposure, mitigate threats and maximise cost efficiency.

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Matt Durmanic

Realise your cloud potential

The Telstra Purple and Omdia State of Cloud, Edge, and Security in Australia 2022-23 report is a unique research that sought to understand the realities of cloud computing, edge and security amongst leading Australian organisations.

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John Powell

Why an ISMS holds the key to being in control of data protection

With recent high profile data leaks highlighting how businesses hold huge banks of customer data, it’s imperative that all businesses can identify the level of protection required to keep customer data safe.

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Matt Durmanic

How Telstra Purple is helping customers in the education sector deliver a digital foundation with Microsoft Azure

Learn how Telstra Purple continues to assist this customer with their cloud environment, ongoing cloud adoption and continuing their transformation journey.

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John Powell

Help stay ahead of the Cyber Security Game with Telstra Purple

With Telstra Purple, you'll receive a top-down approach to assisting with implementation of these cyber security governance principles.

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