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Powering the future of motorsport with Airspeeder

Telstra Purple, AWS and Airspeeder are partnering to create an exciting new vision for Urban Air Mobility.

Flying motorsport is here

Airspeeder is an innovative new motorsport series that’s revolutionising the way we think about racing.  Dubbed ‘the F1 of Flying Cars’, Airspeeder events will see up to 10 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) ‘speeders’ race around an augmented reality track in a selection of remote locations, starting with Adelaide in South Australia.

With an ethos that ‘competition accelerates innovation’, Airspeeder’s vision is to hasten the arrival of electric flying cars and supercharge progress within one of the world’s most exciting and futuristic industries. 

Telstra Purple, we’re proud to partner with AWS and Airspeeder to help make this vision a reality. Through our industry-leading expertise and technology, we’re building a state-of-the-art infrastructure and communications platform that will keep pilots safe and power the future of racing.

Built from a foundation of innovation

With a bold vision to transform motorsport, Airspeeder builds innovation into everything they do, whether it’s their ground-breaking speeders, or the way they deliver consumer experiences.

A commitment to sustainability

Airspeeder doesn’t require roads - using digital AR-delivered ‘skytraks’ for guidance - and it sees a future where all transport is electric and vertical.

Championing gender diversity

As a totally new sport, Airspeeder is capitalising on an opportunity to build-in diversity from the beginning, with a strong focus on female pilots, engineers, and developers to foster an inclusive atmosphere.

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Powered by Telstra's advanced network and adaptive capabilities

An industry leading remote communications network

As races take place in remote locations with limited connectivity, Telstra Purple is building innovative connectivity infrastructure that can be packed up and shipped to different locations around the world, powered by edge, cloud, and wireless/5G technologies.

Managing telemetry data

Telstra Purple is designing and architecting a solution that processes key telemetry data, measuring speed, pitch, yaw, as well as temperature, battery consumption and a variety of other metrics, consolidating them down into actionable insights and information.

Solutions at the bleeding edge of innovation

As part of the partnership, Telstra Purple will develop a range of additional solutions to help Airspeeder thrive, including a collision avoidance system that will ensure pilots and speeders can remain safe while in the skies.

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