IT Services Management

A smarter, integrated way to simplify your IT management

Visibility, performance, and insight

As businesses look to improve operations leveraging applications, automation, machine learning, AI and data analytics – it means they have an ongoing need to transform their IT support and delivery, all whilst ensuring great experiences for customers. 

The ecosystem of technology, IT services and processes requires an integrated service management framework focused on delivering visibility, performance, and simplicity in the management and governance of all digital assets. 

But that’s easier said than done - especially without significant in-house IT expertise. That’s where Telstra Purple comes in.

IT Service Management expertise

We simplify IT - and this is made possible by our enterprise IT Service Management platform which is designed to enable integration in a smarter, faster, and easier way. We provide access to industry-leading technology, as well as rich operational insight through data integration and analytics to help you make better-informed decisions that can create new opportunities for your business.

Our 100+ technical specialists in IT Service Management are trained to identify the right framework, architecture and processes for your unique business needs – and to ensure effective implementation, continuous integration and ongoing automation. Best of all—we make the IT experience simple for every business, regardless of scale and industry.


Gain an overall simplified view of your environment.


Visibility, performance and simplicity in management of all IT assets.


Ensure integration, implementation and automation.


Plan for future non disruptive transformation.

Welcome, Epicon!

Telstra has acquired IT service management provider Epicon, an exciting addition to the technology services capabilities of its Telstra Purple business.

Why Telstra Purple


We take our diverse tech experts, with track records of successful digital transformation, and team them up with yours to solve problems faster.


We have best-in-class partnerships with the world’s leading tech companies, so we can line up the right solution and unlock the best outcome for your business.

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