Telstra Purple Ambassador Program

Celebrating thought leadership

Blazing a trail and achieving recognition as an industry thought leader takes investment, effort and most importantly, community support. Our Ambassador Program enables our experts, advocators and innovators on their unique journey, celebrating and elevating them each step of the way.

Passion, industry-leading expertise and an unrivalled commitment to serving our community

This is what makes Purple hum. Our Ambassadors bring this in spades every day. We see the time, effort and dedication it takes to hone their craft. We know that their journey is as unique as they are.

That’s why our program offers bespoke support, amplification and connection to the opportunities that matter to them – in the market, the industry and at Purple. We invest in our Ambassadors and their ambitions, and they invest in our people, helping us to cultivate the next generation of thought leaders at Purple. Simple.

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Community hangs to share and care

Ambassador events and masterclasses

Meet our Purple Ambassadors

Glenn Carmichael

Apple Ambassador, passionate UX expert, mountain biking daredevil.

Connect with Glenn

John Powell

Cyber security mogul, keynote speaker, director and founder.

Connect with John

Nanthan Rasiah

AWS Partner Ambassador, cloud solutions guru, certification extraordinaire.

Connect with Nanthan

Kristy Sachse

Design and strategy genius, influential speaker, social media aficionado, whimsical crafter.

Connect with Kristy

Scott Baldwin

AWS Partner Ambassador, blogging aficionado, serverless advocate, Argentinean tango dancer.

Connect with Scott

Paul Glavich

DevSecOps and Augmented/Virtual/Mixed reality legend, martial artist, Xbox lover.

Connect with Paul

Tyler Nielsen

Joy creator, user advocate, dream builder and pudding specialist.

Connect with Tyler

Mohamed Meligy

Servant leader, community builder, StackOverflow extraordinaire, avid reader and music fan.

Connect with Mohamed

Ben Cromie

Modern Workplace legend, collaboration champion, blogging superstar, Formula 1 tragic.

Connect with Ben

Rod Sampera

Product design oracle, music virtuoso, storyteller.

Connect with Rod

Martin Cairney

Microsoft MVP, conference legend, SQL hero, football superstar.

Connect with Martin

Ross Chiswell

Cloud guru, wine connoisseur, roundtable extraordinaire.

Connect with Ross

Saeb Amini

Microsoft ecosystem maestro, sometime blogger and public speaker, aspiring flamenco guitarist.

Connect with Saeb

Randi Ratnayake

Epic cloud architect, DevOps expert, vivid consultant, next-gen mentor.

Connect with Randi

David Gibb

Enterprise resilience champion, data and automation aficionado.

Connect with David

James Arber

Microsoft MVP, Unified Communications master, hint of "Mad Scientist", dash of car nut.

Connect with James

Tom O’Dwyer

Team-builder, inspirational speaker, public transport nerd, advocate for inclusive design.

Connect with Tom

Dom Raniszewski

Software practitioner, system thinker, dot connector, unorthodox problem solver, world’s least known comedian.

Connect with Dom

Amanda Pitcher

People-centric Designer, inquisitive question-asker, storyteller.

Connect with Amanda

Will Baltyn

Cyber Defence legend, inclusion advocate, mentor and metaphor master.

Connect with Will

Dan Whitmarsh

Digital transformation leader, UI/UX advocate, wannabe wine connoisseur, fantasy football diva.

Connect with Dan

Stuart Low

Security superstar, presenting and training legend.

Connect with Stuart

Brenton Adey

Data analytics advocate, educator, hopeful technologist, all round science nerd.

Connect with Brenton

Jason Wood

AWS geek, Managed Services cheerleader, blogger, Star Wars fanatic.

Connect with Jason

Mehdi Khalili

Passionate technologist keen to leave a positive mark on the world, fitness junkie.

Connect with Mehdi

Cornel Steyn

Service designer, product strategist, community builder, home renovator

Connect with Cornel

Stuart Noakes

People-centric Designer, inquisitive question-asker, storyteller.

Connect with Stuart

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