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Data driven problem solving

Businesses are producing and processing more data than ever.  Deriving real value from it can be quite complex, especially if it’s not driven strategically with a partner who can simplify data-driven problem solving that surfaces insights in the right way at the right time.

You can have the best tools in the world, but it won't do you justice if you haven’t got the correct procedures in place.  

That’s where Telstra Purple comes in. 

Data & AI expertise

Everything we do when designing projects and solutions is to help you drive more revenue, reduce costs and increase your competitive advantage by extracting more inherent value from your data sources.

With expertise across Data Architecture, Data Engineering, Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, powered by Telstra’s unrivalled network, we can better connect your organisation, enhance visibility, create intelligent applications, and create revenue from insights.

When you work with us there’s no IT platform alliance or vendor lock-in. We’ll provoke change and inspire transformation. To foster understanding and coordinate action. To persuade with purpose and humanise technology so you can:

Connect IoT

Connect your supply chain with real-time IoT intelligence and actionable insights to improve efficiencies. The use of ML models, especially at the edge, ensures that previously unknown issues are raised earlier and new opportunities for process efficiencies are identified through data-driven prescriptive reporting.

Protect data

Capitalise on your valuable data by connecting it and generating insights with a well governed platform to ensure the insights provided through reports and dashboards are delivering value to the end users.


Put AI and machine learning to work to assist in business process automation, gaining additional insights from the data, and create a smarter organisation over time.


Reach new customers through an enhanced digital experience with purpose-built platforms and the use of AI to keep your customers engaged.

Empowering people with technology


Improving accuracy and efficiency in data collection and reporting.

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Why Telstra Purple


We take our diverse tech experts, with track records of successful digital transformation, and team them up with yours to solve problems faster.


We have best-in-class partnerships with the world’s leading tech companies, so we can line up the right solution and unlock the best outcome for your business.

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