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Diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the heart of what we do. This is what makes us stronger, more innovative, and more creative. Multiple backgrounds, languages, cultures, abilities, and ethnicities are the driving force behind our work.

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Get to know some of the people you'll work alongside and the incredible things they are taking advantage of, experiencing or doing every day and what keeps them here.

Kim McIntosh

Building better experiences with anonymised data

Meet Kim, one of our Product Managers applying her expertise to Telstra Location Insights that brings a unique dataset, full of insights to help make informed and strategic decisions.

Kim absolutely loves the visualised dashboard and the many insights it brings to the table.

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Dom Raniszewski

Realising a vision for 'Flying Cars’

Meet Dom, one of our principal consultants currently solving the most exciting and unique problems with data management technologies to help realise a vision for ‘flying cars’.

Working on this project has tested Dom’s skills at scale and that’s exactly the challenge he loves, to help him learn and grow.

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Steve Leigh

Making worker’s lives better with AR and VR tech

Meet Steve, head of AR and VR who worked as part of a team to help one of the world’s largest steel manufacturers use augmented and virtual reality to train staff.

Steve has a strong maths background, and the kinds of details he gets to work in with 3D tech is right up his alley.

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Fatema Hamish

Imposter syndrome shattered

Meet Fatema, Senior Security Consultant and one of 23 Telstra Purple speakers at Vantage Remixed 2021 - Telstra’s flagship annual tech event.

When signing up to speak at Vantage Remixed, Fatema thought to herself, yep I’ve got this. I've MC’d before for ‘She Leads’ tech webinars and I’ve facilitated internal company events with 80 people. Plus, I had delivered many capability presentations to clients and boards before.

When Fatema realised just how huge Vantage Remixed is, delivered live and online to more than 3,500 customers, she felt overwhelmed, extremely nervous and her imposter syndrome kicked in.

The experience and support in the lead up to the event was like no other. Professional speaking coaches, content leads and producers taught Fatema new ways to engage an audience through story telling. Over 300 people attended her session and she received a 4 out of 5 star rating. Imposter syndrome shattered!

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