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John Powell

Principal Security Consultant


As the digital landscape evolves, so does the threat of cyber attacks. In a recent Omdia survey, 56% of Australian businesses reported experiencing a significant increase in overall security incidents in the last 12 months1. Attacks are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, with more negative impacts to both individuals and organisations being targeted.

How confident are you in your organisation’s capability to handle ever-growing cyber security risks?

A guide to cyber security governance

In the face of a threat landscape that grows and evolves each day, institutions are taking active steps to help Australian businesses and communities to help manage risk and protect their data.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre have set five principles to help guide directors and business leaders on better cyber security governance.

As a leading telecommunications company in Australia with in-house security specialists, a proven track record in helping to safeguard critical infrastructure, and a commitment to building cyber security into our products and networks, Telstra has the expertise to help elevate cyber security governance. We can help deliver this expertise to customers from the professional services capability within Telstra Purple. 

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Here's how we can assist directors and business leaders to implement the five principles of cyber security governance.

Principle 1: Align cyber security strategy with business objectives

As the largest Australian-owned technology services business, we have diverse teams of experts and professionals specialising in security, cloud, networks, and more. We work closely with our customers to provide guidance on updating committee charters to include cyber security, creating easy-to-understand board reporting, and to help to increase director awareness of cyber security.

Principle 2: Protect and manage critical information

Our dedicated and locally based security team of analysts, data scientists, and developers can help support your organisation in identifying key data assets, and then help to evaluate their sensitivity and criticality. We can also help you develop cyber security frameworks, policies, and processes that help mitigate cyber risks whilst aligning with your business demands and priorities.

Principle 3: Embed cyber security risk management

We offer a variety of threat and risk assessment services that can align with your Enterprise Risk Management Framework and help provide the reporting assurance directors may require. These services are specially designed to help foster co-creation between your teams and ours, so we can assist to develop solutions that fit your needs and environment best.

Principle 4: Foster a strong cyber security culture

Our experts can also work closely with directors to help determine and establish a cyber security framework, policy, and standards. We’ll also assist with defining roles and responsibilities for senior executives and all levels of management.

Principle 5: Prepare for and respond to cyber incidents

Telstra Purple provides advisory services to help directors and senior executives make decisions during cyber incidents, as well as assistance with developing incident response plans, playbooks, and regular testing exercises. Our security professionals are committed to assist you with improving your cyber security preparedness.

A top-down approach 

With Telstra Purple, you'll receive a top-down approach to assisting with implementation of these cyber security governance principles. Our services range from expert advice to technical implementation, a comprehensive and effective solution that can help protect your organisation today and tomorrow.

Doing nothing to prepare for cyber incidents can end up costing your organisation more. Reach out to Telstra Purple today to help secure your organisation’s future in a rapidly changing digital world.


[1] “State of Cloud, Edge, and Security Report 2022-23” Telstra and Omdia"

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