Cyber Security

Cyber Tabletop Exercise

Our security experts will create an affordable tabletop exercise, tailored to the real-world cyber risks your business is exposed to. A low stress setting for your business to exercise your current incident response processes against possible security incidents.

When was your last Cyber Tabletop Exercise?

Market analysis shows many organisations help to simulate a critical security incident, and to exercise their incident response processes. Some organisations have never tested their cyber response capabilities in a controlled environment. If you need help, this Cyber Tabletop Exercise is for you.

Cyber Tabletop Exercises are a valuable investment to identify and understand the effectiveness of your cyber response capability. Unless you’ve undertaken a simulation and stress tested your tools, processes, and playbooks, it’s unlikely you know if your organisation could survive a real attack.

Our Security Experts will work with you to understand your current posture, identify areas to test, and curate some excellent real-world scenarios to run in the exercise.

Ultimately, you will gain professional insight and advice on how to uplift your capability. We also provide a comprehensive written report, which can be shared within your organisation to raise cyber risk awareness with key stakeholders.

And unlike online assessments, a Purple Security Expert will be with you every step of the way, curating agreed scenarios, and conducting the exercise with your team.

Ideal For

  • Exercising your incident response plan in a low stress, risk free environment led by our Cyber Security Experts.
  • Gaining an understanding of your teams’ roles and responsibilities in the event of a cyber incident.
  • Simulating your response capabilities to real world cyber scenarios, to evaluate the effectiveness of your technical tools and processes.
  • Uplifting cyber risk awareness within your business.
  • Achieving professional insight and advice on how you can improve your cyber posture, and work as a cohesive response team across your organisation.

How does it work?

  • A face-to-face workshop is held with a Purple Security Expert to understand your goals and desired outcomes.
  • Our Security Experts conduct a customised assessment and run through scenario options for exercises.
  • Leveraging our years of knowledge & experience, we develop a tailored scenario with accompanying injects.
  • We conduct a tabletop exercise with your team, spanning 2 - 3 hours with the option to include both business and technical stakeholders.
  • A detailed report is developed covering observations and prioritised recommendations.
  • Our security Experts will present and discuss ¬findings and areas of uplift


Exercises are tailored to your needs and goals, POA.

The Outcome

A report and presentation identifying areas of risk and recommended actions to improve and uplift your organisations cyber response plan.


To learn more or register for the Cyber Tabletop Exercise, simply leave us your details.

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