Telstra Purple and AWS: Driving cloud transformation together

Cloud continues to play an increasingly important role in driving business growth and innovation. Having the right digital transformation partnerships to help steer you in the right direction is critical.

Very few organisations choose to go alone when it comes to cloud, opting to partner with businesses with the right credentials – many businesses are realising the benefits of partnerships with global technology leaders to achieve the full potential of hybrid, private, and public clouds.

AWS and Telstra Purple

Telstra Purple is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Partner and a member of the AWS Managed Service Partner (MSP) Program. We uphold the best AWS practices, verified by an annual independent audit across both Professional and Managed Services.

We’ve united AWS’ unmatched portfolio of cloud services with Telstra Purple’s skilled digital transformation teams, backed by Telstra’s network and global footprint, all underpinned by Telstra’s vision, roadmap, and expertise.

As the largest Australian-owned technology services business, Telstra Purple brings deep expertise across cloud consulting, design and migration, supported by over 1,000 certified and accredited AWS professionals currently working at Telstra. We are also making an investment to train 4,000 employees on AWS cloud skills by 2025.

Telstra Purple will continue its participation in the AWS MSP Program in 2022.

How the program is helping customers

The AWS MSP Program was created to validate AWS Partners with a proven track record and experience, providing end-to-end AWS solutions to customers at any stage of the cloud journey, including planning and design, building and migration, operations and support, and automation and optimisation.

Telstra Purple’s Managed Cloud solution provides a common, integrated management experience to an ever-growing number of AWS customers. The Managed Cloud solution allows Telstra Purple to take care of updating, patching and 24x7 monitoring on behalf of customers, helping ensure that customers’ public, private or hybrid cloud environments are robust, available, compliant, and up-to-date.

The successful completion of the AWS MSP Program audit also highlighted our team’s ability to deliver next-generation managed services in cloud architecture, automation, optimisation and management to client AWS environments. The completion also validated that Telstra Purple are experts on AWS products and features, and that our processes are of high standards.

Importance of partnerships

We're proud that we have best-in-class collaboration with the world’s leading technology companies like AWS, so we can line up the right solutions and unlock the best outcomes for our customers’ cloud environments.

Now more than ever, businesses need strong digital transformation partners – not just a partnership for specific short-term projects, but a partnership that can help transform and drive innovation over the long term.

Customer stories

Telstra Purple and AWS have partnered together to support hundreds of customers. Learn more about some of the customers stories here

Bentleys Queensland

Bentleys Queensland’s longstanding relationship with Telstra is enabling them to work collaboratively with Telstra Purple, the largest Australian owned technology services business, to identify an appropriate solution to meet their demands.

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Kicking cloud goals with the AFL

With ever-evolving business demands and as part of its digital transformation strategy, the AFL recognised the need to digitise one of the most entertaining and largest sports video archive collections and footages in the world.

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Telstra Purple’s managed services solution for Visy included support for the Cloud Infrastructure and Guest Server Operating Systems, delivered through tools for patch management, anti-virus management, backup, monitoring, and logging.

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Finding the right way to deal with legacy systems is difficult in any business. But for VicRoads, with critical customer data for millions of Victorians stored in mainframes at the end of their lifecycles, it can be very hard to decide how to invest forward without spending too long working backward.

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