Telstra and Komatsu ink new multi-million dollar partnership

SYDNEY 8 June, 2021: Telstra will help transform and modernise Komatsu communications across Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia in a new multi-million dollar agreement. 

The earthmoving, mining, construction, and utility equipment supplier will introduce greater automation, and move to a consumption-based Private Cloud model supported by hyper-converged infrastructure and SD-WAN technology built and delivered by Telstra Purple. 

The new platform, built on Cisco Hyperflex and VMware NSX, with the SD WAN solution powered by Silver Peak (HPE), will significantly enhance control and visibility across Komatsu’s entire network and infrastructure, which will ensure optimal user productivity, performance and end user experiences.

As part of the deal, Telstra will also significantly upgrade Komatsu’s network capacity and add 4G back-up to its most remote Australian sites, including Emerald, Whyalla and Kalgoorlie.

In New Zealand and New Caledonia Telstra will implement an ‘over-lay network’ encompassing the SD WAN solution. 

CEO & MD of Komatsu, Sean Taylor, said the partnership would help continue Komatsu’s innovation and technology industry leadership. 

“In 2021 we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Komatsu,” he said.

“We work with our customers to develop innovations in machine automation and guidance – including autonomous and semi-automatic operation and technology solutions to increase efficiency, safety and productivity in project management; and ground-breaking hybrid engine systems that significantly reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gases.”

“We are always looking to modernise the way we do things, and technology and communication is a critical area we need to continue to evolve to be a leader in our industry.” 

Telstra Purple Executive, Chris Smith, said that new agreement built on decades of partnership and represented the next evolution in Komatsu’s technology infrastructure. 

“We have delivered cloud solutions for Komatsu since 2010 and have been able to work together to evolve Komatsu’s infrastructure as technology has changed. The new platform uses the best technology available that allows Komatsu to stay at the forefront of their industry.

“When you have mining equipment and business critical applications transmitting huge volumes of data in real time, the criticality of both the infrastructure and the network and how they work together, cannot be underestimated.” 

The deal was formalised at a signing ceremony in Sydney in March.



Media contact

Steve Carey, Telstra Corporate Media Manager
Reference number: 45/2021


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