Overcoming top cloud challenges faced in 2022

Randi Ratnayake

Managing Consultant


Recently, our research partner ADAPT hosted an Analyst Market Briefing on what Australia’s CTOs, Heads of Infrastructure and Cloud’s top challenges were with cloud migration, including barriers and pain points in successful delivery service. Working in the cloud space, here are some of the takeaways that I was able connect with.

Cloud adoption will reach 77% by 2023, driven by the acceleration of productivity tools and mission-critical applications to the Cloud.[1]

There are many contemplations to consider what Cloud can offer to an organisation. Cost, efficiency, security, scalability and the ability to respond rapidly to changing business demands are significant benefits of a cloud adoption strategy. What is clear, though, is that the agility and flexibility that cloud technology enables opens new ways of working, operating models and doing business.

ADAPT's insights highlight many challenges Cloud and Data Centre Leaders and CIOs face including managing their cloud environment and integrating applications securely with all the governance best practices to reap the best outcomes from their cloud adoption journey. This is a daily conversation I have with many of our customers. Often, our customers understand what they want to achieve. However, many struggle to get there because so many cloud services have overlapping features, they’re rapidly evolving, and then business requirements change too.

That’s probably why 85% of Australian organisations have highlighted that Improving operational effectiveness is a top business priority for Cloud and Data Centre Leaders in 2022.[1]

Secondly, it is a genuine challenge to find the talent in-house with hands-on experience to deliver those high demanding projects using the most compatible tech stack that complements the organisation's cloud adoption objectives. And finally, many organisations are held back by legacy mindsets and processes that prevent them from attaining the full potential of the Cloud.

Getting you to cloud isn’t the end goal for us—it’s just the beginning.

If any of the above resonated with you and you’re looking for next steps, that’s where we come in to help you determine what to move to the cloud, when, why, and how to optimise your cloud journey.

What our customers love about our approach is how we can propose holistic solutions incorporating emerging technologies through our world-class cloud partners like Microsoft and AWS and draw on Telstra-owned solutions, on Australia's best network. It makes life much easier by removing some of the confusion. So, when our customers sign up for an engagement, they get an entire network of professional’s purpose-driven to help their business accelerate from simple integrations to complex transformations.

One of our larger customers reflected on their recent cloud adoption journey with us. In their own words — “Don't wait for the perfect plan. Instead, let your ideas come to life by first delivering them as proof of concept. Engage the right expertise and evolve the proof of concept into your critical path pipeline to help validate nuances. No matter the size of your investment, take small steps. Your first step towards the journey should consider choosing the right technology stack with the right expertise to support your organisation to lay the foundation of the future cloud posture. These small steps will generate a little bit of momentum. That momentum starts to one day achieve a modern, sustainable solution.”

Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, we dig deep to understand what your business needs are and identify the most appropriate system, tools, products, and processes for you to adopt.

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