Customer research

State of Cloud, Edge, and Security in Australia 2022-23

To better understand the reality of cloud computing, edge and security among leading Australian mid and large-sized Australian companies and Government agencies, Telstra commissioned Omdia to conduct an independent, comprehensive, local market study focusing on the state of cloud market in Australia, the role of edge and the criticality of cloud security.

This research covers the critical challenges facing IT teams, areas where investments are being made and the capabilities required to truly exploit cloud, security, and edge commercially for sustainable competitive advantage.

Download this report now to get up to speed on these topics and more, including:

  • Preparedness in migrating critical applications to the cloud. Being underprepared in cloud strategy, assessment, and planning can hamper future application migrations. How are organisations defining a hybrid cloud strategy mapped to business needs? 
  • Edge computing and the hybrid cloud. Edge computing offers tremendous potential in rapidly advancing hybrid cloud adoption. How are Australian IT decision makers assessing the use cases for edge within their business and building this into their overarching cloud strategy?
  • Cloud security in cloud migration. As cloud environments face increasing attacks— in both number and severity, preparedness for cloud security is declining. How are Australian organisations planning to prevent, detect and remediate cloud security incidents?