Building a better, connected future for Australia

Marianne Maguire

Technology Services Principal Lead for Federal Government at Telstra Purple


How our teams from Telstra Purple are working with government to create a brilliantly connected future

At Telstra Purple, we believe that putting people at the centre of solving real problems can help organisations deliver great digital transformation with purpose. We believe that a collaborative approach—grounded in listening and inspiring each other—helps us co-create fit-for-purpose, future-proof tech solutions.

Bringing People, Purpose and Lasting Impact 

It's an exciting time with Telstra's recent announcement of extending our world-class range of tailored security solutions for Government. This also comes with commitment to providing expertise and specialist services to all levels of Government with the creation of a specialist Government team. 

We have over 1,200 subject matter experts across the country, as well as 600 security cleared professionals, working with various layers of government across federal, state, and local agencies. Our team brings purpose and lasting impact through world-class tailored security solutions, expertise, and specialist services—supporting government to evolve and solve problems that grow more complex by the day.

This is why we’re very proud of our teams across the country, who are playing a unique role in serving Australia through consulting and delivering solutions for government. They’re providing government organisations with technology capability to support some of our most vulnerable communities alongside secure, sovereign, and intelligent networks and solutions to keep Australia safe.

Helping the government to deliver

Recently, we rolled out a network upgrade to improve 500 sites across Australia over an 18-month period, operating with security cleared professionals to install, design, and deploy solutions and services as required. It’s rewarding work as we support governments to deliver on policy decisions.

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, we helped government to adapt quickly and provide increased support to the communities they serve, be it at a federal, state or local council level. This ranges from managing large volumes of people interactions, assisting with the set up of technology to support quarantine requirements, the transition at pace to remote working, set-up and delivery of home schooling for children without connectivity and enabling new services like virtual parliament—just to name a few.

Natural disasters are a part of living in Australia, at times of emergency we need to work hand in hand with all the various agencies, in different ways. From the very large to the very small underlying infrastructure, protection, and enablement to support communities in times of need.

It’s about partnership and collaboration

Telstra has a long and proud history of partnering with government organisations to protect Australians and their interests. We connect government agencies together with not-for-profit and member organisations to support them in delivering frontline services, as well as provide technology solutions for the many small and medium sized businesses that are critical to our economy.

Many of our teams took action to support various government agencies across the country as they worked to improve health services and economic policies during the pandemic.

Over the last few years, global events have made us appreciate the small things in our lives all the more—and have made us reflect on our purpose, as well as what’s important to protect for our people and our workplaces.

As a proud Australian company that has adapted and evolved for more than a century, we’re committed to continuously expanding our reach nationally and globally to support businesses, governments, and communities. Every day, I get to witness and honour this commitment firsthand with our people, who have the humility to ask questions and always find the way to imbue purpose into what they do and the services and solutions we deliver.

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