In the previous blog (Part 1), I showed you how to setup a SharePoint site to collect scheduled news from across the tenant using SharePoint list and couple of views for reporting.

In Part 2, I'll share the details to enable a site that will allow the content authors to schedule some fantastic news.

Part 2 - Enable News Scheduling in a Site

Before anything, select a site to enable this feature, I am enabling news scheduling in The Landing site.

To create a custom column for the Site Pages library in The Landing site we have two options:

  • Creating a custom column directly in the Site Pages library.
  • Creating a custom site column in the Site Page content type.

You can use any available options but for this article I will go with the second option i.e. creating a custom site column in the Site Page content type.

If you are not sure why we are creating a site page or a custom column, please check out the Part 1 of this blog series.


  • Go to the settings of the Site Pages library
  • Under Content Types section click on the Site Page content type

  • Now open the parent Site Page content type by clicking on the Site Page link

  • At the bottom of the parent Site Page content type settings, click on Add from new site column

  • Create a column named Publishing Date with the following configuration


  • Go back to the Site Pages library settings and you will see this new Publishing Date column

We have completed Part 2 of the series, but the next one (Part 3) is the masterpiece, which will make all the magic happen.


Part 1 contains the information to store scheduled news in a centralised space so, that it can be published at scheduled time)

In Part 2, we have equipped a SharePoint site for content authors to schedule news for a modern intranet.

Now for the final piece (Part 3), I will use the Power Automate to store and publish the news at the scheduled time.